I drank the kool-aid

We don't call it bribery, we call it incentives. When Andy was learning to poop in the potty, I offered him an iPod as a reward. It worked, mostly. When it came to Ryan, it wasn't so easy. He gave up his pull-ups and readily sat on the toilet but he still has a problem with his bowels. Research has suggested it is encopresis. Incentives and rewards won't work for this.

When I began my weight loss journey, I didn't think of smaller goals and rewards for myself. Then I realized that it is a long term effort and why not reward myself. OK, actually this was just an excuse for making me wait and work for things I wanted but didn't need. I made a goal for each 25 pounds that I lose, I can buy... At the end, when I lose the 150 pounds, I will get myself an iPhone.

Things changed.

Ryan learned how fun it is to watch movies on Andy's iPod. I asked him if he wanted one for his birthday. "Yes!" Hmm... do I buy Ryan a new iPod? OR... give him my iPod Touch and then I can get an iPhone! It seemed like a perfect plan since a new iPhone would be cheaper than an iPod Classic.

But Ryan wanted an iPod like Andy's. Ugh. It took some convincing but Ryan soon realized that the iPod Touch is way better. It has games and the internet! Cool! I can't wait.

Ryan's birthday is September 22. I realized it would occur during the current money cycle. So why wait? Why not get it now? I called my local AT&T but they don't have any in stock. The Apple Stores have them so I drove down to the mall and got one. So quick and easy. Too easy.

I had said to myself that I wasn't going to make a big deal about it but I can't help it. I am a kid with a new toy even if it only has 2 more functions than my iPod Touch. I am a geek. But I love it! I love the grease resistant screen! I love the camera! I love that I can use it even when I can't get a wifi connection!

I didn't get a case for my iPhone. John Gruber doesn't use one. I do prefer it without a case, typing is easier. I just have to be careful and not drop it. It's a bit to slickery.