stumble trip stumble trip

That is the sound of me trying get back on the right path. Apparently good intentions only go so far.


I should know that the first week of school is always a bit crazy and not to expect a lot of exercise time. But now it's week 2 and I have walked a total of zero times. Good grief! This has got to stop!

Monday I had a good excuse. Mostly. I went to an iPhone workshop at the Apple store. No, I didn't learn a lot but it was fun. What I didn't need to do was go out to lunch at Sinigual. And I didn't need to eat the chips and salsa (I was glad it was a small basket and refused a refill) and I didn't need to order the flan (but I could only eat a third of it before I realized how stuffed I was). In fact, I was so stuffed that I didn't eat the rest of the day. Well, except for a peach around dinner time. And really, the chicken tacos were not big. It must have been the beans.

I should have walked Tuesday but needed to get some cards made and cookies baked. I baked some awesome oatmeal chocolate chip Heath bits cookies. Of course I had to make sure they were good. Tuesday was the first day of Robynn's 30 Day Throw Down and although I did not eat anything overly processed, I didn't eat all that well either. Well, I was fine until I tasted the cookies. A healthy breakfast and healthy lunch were followed by a cookie about every 2 hours. No dinner.

Today? Besides the hurting ankle? I have an appointment to get my haircut. It's been 3 months, no guilt. Well, as long as I eat a healthy lunch. And I had plans to walk around and take some photos. Guess what, it's raining. It supposed to rain in the afternoon and evening not in the morning. Oh that probably explains the ankle. Damn arthritis!

As far as weigh ins go. Well, I am hovering over the next digit. I hate that. One day it's XX0, the next it's XX2. Make up my mind already! So I need to get back into that rhythm so the scale can move down.