[summer break in 80 days] day 72

081409 blog-4

8:03 Get up earlier next week? I think it's time I started going to bed earlier even though I enjoy the time when both boys are asleep.

9:40 No gardening motivation today. I did go out but didn't get much done. I was working on the north bed which is moslty muck and weeds at the moment. The sprinkler head had come unscrewed and was flooding the area. There is soil erosion.

I had to sit and pull weeds as my tools wouldn't work with the muck. I would stop a moment and contemplate what to do with this bed. There are 2 hibiscus plants under the windows. There are 3 indian hawthorn by the short fence. But those hawthorn grew too big. I didn't know there was more than one variety and these are the bigger ones.

I was thinking it would be nice to extend the patio to the end of the house and get rid of the short fence. This might be a nice place for one of those covered swings. I would then want to extend the walk between the houses. And have a proper patio laid out in front of the dining room window. If I hadn't had that one palm planted so close to the drive, I would extend the walk there.

Of course I am just fantasizing.

081409 blog-2

1:56 Was just closing my eyes adter lunch when UPS came to the door. They dropped off KI Memories and I had to open it up right away. KI is one of favorite scrapbook companies but not everyones loves them. We didn't have enough interest to get anything from the last show. I had to locate Bonnie to see what she wanted from this order. She is on her way to a 3 day crop. She has decided to not crop so much but work in organizing photos in Lightroom. Instead of a laptop, she took her desktop with the 24" screen!

I have uploaded the new product and deciding what to do next. It's turned into a cloudy rainy day which makes me very lethargic.

8:22 Uh oh, I sat in that chair again. The next thing I know it's 5:00 and I have little to show for the day.