[summer break in 80 days] day 71

081309 swingers

9:44 At the park making the boys let me take photos of their hands. I had been trying to get then unaware but they actually let me pose them. Too bad I only need 3 more shots and I had few ideas. Ryan asked about next week's theme. I always forget to look until it's too late. Why don't I have the list except on my blog? Oh sure if I had an iPhone instead of just an iPod Touch... (It's ABC or 123 and I did put the list on my iPod so I don't need wifi to check)

11:30 In the car. The boys have switched spots. Then Andy wanted to sit next to Ryan & Ryan complains. School can't start soon enough.

Both Gail and I were blonde when we were little. I expected the boys to be blonde. They were born blonde but have quickly darkened to brown. Hmm...

There is the cutest girl at Chick Fil A. She is a cross between a young Katherine Hepburn and Ann Margaret. Skinny as heck but so pretty in a perky way and I love her auburn hair.

The best part of baking cookies is giving them away to the staff at the chiropractor. Paula and Yvette especially love the chocolate crinkles.

I forgot the backpacks full of school supplies do I will have to go next week. What cookies should I bake? (Martha has a recipe for chocolate sugar cookies, looks yummy.)

I had to deposit money into my checking account. Last year it would be instant but now it takes a day. I had only $12 for groceries. I oulled out my emergency stash and that was only $86. The groceries came to $73. It feels weird to pay with cash.

3:37 I just got done weeding today's photos. 263 down to 89. I will do another pass later then label an keyword them. Even though I don't love the weeding as my 3 year old computer is slow to render 1:1 view, I love being able to shoot as much as I want without cost. With a film camera, I would have really had to think about my photos and no way would I fill up a roll let alone 20! I would have gotten some OK shots but probably nothing special. I consider it a miracle when I get a sincere smile from Ryan now. Imagine only being able to shoot a half dozen shots.

Ugh. My popcorn did not come out well. The bag was sealed shut so not much room to expand and some kernals are scorched.

6:45 Poor Andy has the hiccups. I suggested he jump on the trampoline but that didn't help. I usually hold my breadth but getting him to understand is another matter. I told him to pretend he was swimming underwater but he didn't get it.