[summer break in 80 days] day 57

073009 blog-2

8:30 Woke up too early and didn't get back to sleep until late. Just now making my breakfast.

Ryan stopped eating cookies. Yesterday he a bagel and a few chips. Ugh.

Did you know that nipples don't sweat? They are the only part of me not sweating at the moment. Excuse me while I go eat some hot oatmeal.

9:46 Oh I made a mess of this morning. The boys got in the car with their usual selfishness not thinking of towels or anything but themselves. Today, it made me angry and I yelled at them. Andy got out of the car and dropped his iPod. So I yelled more. Now Andy is upset and trying hard not to cry. I forgot my camera card. There is the backup xD card but that only allows 110 shots. Then I realized that I forgot to switch out the battery. No photos today. (OK, I took a few.)

Really cute boys with the skinny, pretty mom at the park makes me feel like I gained 50 pounds instead of losing it. Did I tell you I reached the 50 pound mark? I have been flirting with it for over a week and I think it's real now. So I treated myself to Topaz Labs Suite. With the NAPP discount, it was just over $100!

I am having a good hair day. Too bad I have to get in the pool.

073009 blog
(Ryan has taken to licking his lips now they are red and chapped and it looks like he has a juice mustache all the time. On the plus side, it has made me learn how to use the clone tool in photoshop.)

11:03 Out of the pool. Andy & I did water aerobics. My neck and shoulders are too tight. When the boys are in school, I will schedule a massage with Paula. I have never had one before. (No massage until dad comes down. Paula only does massages from 3-6 pm and I think Andy will get home soon after 3.)

1:48 Home.

Expensive day at Publix. I got some sweet dark cherries. They were $1.99 a pound but the bag was over 3 pounds. Oops, I need to pay more attention. I also got some black berries. I am not sure I have ever had them before but they are sweet and yummy.

The boys are getting good and helping with the groceries. I don't even have to ask. I may miss them helping when school starts.

Ryan got some donuts today. Entemenn's Poppems. He opened them we got home.

I have had no luck finding sanding sugar at the grocery stores. Both Target and Publix have colored sugars but I want the plain or white. I can find it online but shipping costs more than the sugar!

We had a big storm go through. Ryan was on my lap but he kept looking up to see the rain go sideways. I was trying to distract him by reading Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini. It's all I have on my iPod that is somewhat OK for him to read. I did skip Chapter 3, Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know About Sex.

7:07 Dinner is done. I ate all the blackberries. My tummy is full.

Remember that woman at the pool who had the older son with autism? I think I know her daughter. OK, I knew her daughter. If she is who I think she is. The woman comes to the pool with her daughter. The girl is around Andy's age. We don't talk because the mom rarely gets in the water. Today she had gotten a new floating mesh chair and I asked her how she liked it. She said it was OK but thought she was buying a raft not a chair. Her voice was familiar and as we swam I realized who she is. I think her name is Kendra and her daughter was in Andy's playgroup with the MOMs club. I haven't seen her in 8 years and I didn't recognize her. Back then she wore her lightened blond, badly permed hair in a banana clip. Yes, I did type banana clip. Her hair is shorter and darker now but still badly permed. I sort of remember her mentioning that she had a relative with autism. At the time, Andy had a diagnosis of PDD-NOS and I was trying to stay away from the autism label.

I did not ask the woman if she is Kendra. I am shy. And thinking about it now, does it matter? I did keep in touch with the other women in the group (at least for a few years) but not with Kendra. Once we got through how we have been, there would be nothing much left to talk about.