[summer break in 80 days] day 58


Well pooh! The month is over and I did nothing as far as scrapbooking goes.

Last fall, I decided to make a whole body/home/life change. I started eating better, I started cleaning the house and I made a list of projects to tackle each month. Ten months later, I have lost 50 pounds, the house is presentable (please don't go near the boys' rooms) and, well, I have failed at the rest.

I find it difficult to undertake projects when my dad is here. I worry that he will question me and then I will question myself. Or worse that he will take over. So I neglected the kitchen and bedroom projects I had planned.

July was supposed to be used to tackle my scrapbook projects; finish those layouts for the family and put away all the finished pages into albums. I did get the photo pages printed for the family but only because there was a sale at Mpix. I totally spaced about putting away my layouts.

Well, instead if whining about it and putting in on next year's soon to be forgotten list, I will try to tackle some of it each week. Really, I'll try.

9:28 Double pooh! I was spraying round-up through out the yard (yes, I know it's bad stuff and this is the last bottle I will buy!) and noticed a few things.

1. My drawf pampas grass looks horrid. The center is rotting away! I have had this for 6 years without a care. Larry pruned it this spring and may have caused it's demise. I planted the pampas to hide the cable and electrical boxes. It doesn't hide them completely. Maybe a hibiscus would look better there?

2. The front lawn is not looking so good. I think I need some lawn treatments. The area around the mailbox is the worst.

3. It's going to take a lot to clean up the south corner. So many weeds and the area just kind of scares me. What if there are snakes?!

4. There is so much water in the backyard. I stepped in a puddle and got wet up to my ankle. I hope my shoe will dry out by tomorrow.

Eight years ago today, Gail died. He has now been dead longer than we were together. We were together for just under 7 years. We were married for just over 4. I still think of him as my husband.

And now I wish I could have gotten something nicer than the granite looking box for his ashes. You know, something like this.

2:07 I have 2 cards done and photographed. I also took some shots for photo of the day. This week has been extreme close-ups and it's been fun. I love finding cool images from everyday stuff.

Storms are heading in early today.

4:02 Mostly noise and not much rain.

I made chocolate chip cookie with Heath toffee bits. I should have added more toffee bits. I froze half the batter so I wouldn't be tempted to eat all the cookies. Now I am just tempted to eat half.

8:37 One in bed and the other one is renewing his interest in Dr Suess. Specifically The Sneetches.

I am going to freeze the baked cookies tomorrow and see how it goes. I should have made cookie balls before freezing the dough but didn't think about it.

Last night's blackberries are making a lot of noise. I am eating sweet red cherries tonight. I do prefer them over Rainier cherries.