[summer break in 80 days] day 46


8:30 Oh what a night. I finally fell asleep about one and woke up at 3. That was the extent of my sleeping. Damn caffiene! Today is official napping day.

rolling in

9:00 Breakfast is done. I was hoping to convince Andy to have bagels today but he wasn't falling for it. We had waffles & sausage. And I ignored my vow of last night to skip breakfast because of last night's dinner. The waffles were too good.


8.56 pm. I really expected to nap a lot today. I have been dragging but my eyes never got heavy enough to close. If fact, they are the only thing awake as my body and brain are total sloths.


I got a few photos edited. Just no motivation. None of the photos seem like much. Well, nothing to submit for the contest.

I talked to my niece Ashlee. She is pregnant and due in February. Yay!