[summer break in 80 days] day 45

Scott Kelby's Second Annual World Wide Photowalk


2:18 and my first entry for the day. I got everything done I need to get done and am just waiting for 3:00 and Rachel. It's too be patient especially when I want some tea and need some gas because I forgot on Thursday. I will probably be late for the walk but there is not much I can do. Dunedin is not that small, I will find them.

10:45 Home. Tired & wired from a lot of tea. Not that many shots as I expected but we had a good time. Felt a bit shy but did introduce myself to RC and he made it seem like we are old friends. Expensive day. I gave Rachel $100. I am too generous. Should shower and go to bed.

Recap. Rachel got here at 10 minutes to 3, yay! I didn't chat long and headed out. (When did I become such a talker? It must be from hanging out with 2 boys who don't really converse and builds up inside me.)

I got my tea lattè and some gas. I didn't fill up since that Shell station price gouges. I think it was $2.57 and I saw some closer to the cost for $2.39!

I decided to let Garmin direct me. It took me through the center, not an option with google maps. And I got there earlier.

RC was a bit late as he was racing around town with 2 other photowalks and then home to shower. I hated the bulk my rain jacket was taking in my bag and it didn't look like rain so I put it back in the car. But then were done with the orientation and walking to the pier and the sky got dark. I got my jacket in time but then I was sweating so much that it didn't make much of a difference.

We waiting out the rain in the gazebo. It didn't take long. I tagged along with RC and soon he was treating me like an old friend. I am really glad I signed up for his walk first and didn't wait for Scott or Matt.

There was all kinds of gear. Most had much better stuff than me. I don't mind but I realize I am a "baby" when it comes to collecting gear. RC was talking to another photog that he knew about getting together for a shoot. And he said I should come too and he told the guy (was his name Frank?) "She can shoot. She knows her camera." Love it! I hope I do get invited and can go.

There were some great colors on the building walls. Myra had on a royal blue shirt and red hair so she got turned into a model. She was embarrassed but followed RC's directions.

With so much prize gear on the line, some were shooting for that one shot in hopes of winning. I was just shooting what I liked. I don't expect to win or even get close. The photowalk was the goal in itself.

We walked by a bar and there was a guy playing a banjo, Casey Jones III. And 3 younger people sitting at the picnic table with him. Soon everyone saw the great photo opportunity. I got Casey a beer for his generosity. He was cool and cute in a stoned kind of way.

I asked RC about shooting mixed skin tones and he said it was best/easiest to handle in photoshop. Others agreed sine the alternative would be gels on flash and I know Bonnie doesn't want to do that.

Finally it was time for dinner. RC saved a seat for me and we also sat with Paul who is the IT guy for NAPP. Paul needs an architect so I said I would contact Robbie for him.

I didn't intend to eat so much. I ate only one chip, it wasn't good. I ordered a bean burrito and it was huge. I ate slowly (for me) and chatted with Paul and RC but soon my plate was empty. Oh I was stuffed.

We went back to the docks in hopes of a sunset. It was too cloudy. RC gave a mini class on flashes. Looks easier than I thought but flashes are not cheap and I would rather have some lenses first.

We finally broke up about 9 pm. (RC gave me a hug!) and silly me headed to Starbucks for another Tea Lattè. Oh but they taste so good! And as if I didn't have 4 or 5 glasses of iced tea at dinner!