[summer break in 80 days] day 44


9:53 I was so tired this morning (ryan's to blame) but I forced myself to garden. That crape bed just seems endless. Now that the crapes are pruned, there are more ground weeds to pull. And I see more bare/dead jasmine vines to prune. A breeze! I tried digging out that huge weed. I even used the chomper but I don't have the strength nor stamina to work it out. What can I use to kill the root? Andy came out and I asked him to carry the full bags to the front. They are light but he acts as if he has no muscles. I told him to try one at a time and that was better but he still dragged them all the way there.

I saw two small frogs hanging out in the ladybug house. Glad it's getting some use. I will try to remember photos later when there is more light. If they are still there.

12.32 I got an email from Mpix announcing 50% off 8x10s this weekend. It was just the incentive I need to get that last photo mosaic done and the files uploaded.

5:32 The afternoon has been pretty lazy. After a nap, I edited some more photos and got my blog posted. Then I have not been doing much of anything but laundry.