excuses, excuses!

OOPS! Where's today's post? It was on my to do list. I had plenty of time. The 3 day weekend just sort of slipped away.

I hate these long weekends. The kids get bored with each other and I get antsy to have them gone to school so I can do what I want to do. I was determined to make the most of this weekend by being productive. I would make cards, pull some orders, do laundry, do some weeding and write some blog posts ahead of time.

I did get some cards made.

I did some laundry.

I did some weeding.

But every time I sat in my chair, either Ryan was using the laptop or my eyes grew heavy and I was out. I hope I have gotten caught up in my sleep.

On Monday, we all wanted out of the house. So I suggested we go to Hollies. It's a family run nursery. Ryan was up for that (surprise) and we went. They we closed so we ended up at Lake Park. The boys had fun and I got lots of photos.


We were home in plenty of time for me to write something but then...