4 december


Cold and rainy today. Instead of walking I moves the file cabinet and printer over to dad's desk. I alsobrought in a floor lamp that was sitting by the garage.

Dad went to the doctor. He fasted for bloodwork but they didn't take any blood today. I wonder if dad even told him that he had fasted. Dad said the doctor was late and seemed rushed.

I went to Joann's looking for more treat boxes. Once I was there, I realized they wouldn't have the Martha Stewart ones. I would have to go to Micheal's. Instead of leaving then, I walked around and found more stuff to buy. I did get one Christmas gift. Everything I got was on sale and I just couldn't not use my coupon. So I bought so Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate. Oh I love this stuff.

I didn't have a coupon for Michael's but was hoping to use another Joann's coupon. You never know if they will accept it or not. They did but the treat boxes were already on sale. I left before I spent even more money.

You know it's cold when Ryan leaves his sweatshirt on all day. This is the boy who hates to wear anything but t-shirt and shirts 365 days a year. He wear long johns to bed every night. Goofy? Just a bit.

My new slow cooker came. Now I have to decide what to cook. Hank and I are at opposite ends of the food spectrum. I would be happy with vegetarian soups and stews. He would love pot roasts and pork chops.