3 december


Andy was going on a CBI trip today. CBI is Community Based Instruction. They were going to Wiregrass to go Christmas shopping and have lunch. I had put $20 in his wallet and put the wallet in the backpack. The school called saying they couldn't find it. It wasn't at home. Maybe he left it on the bus? I searched my memory and recalled putting it in the green backpack. Oh. The green backpack is Ryan's. Oops. Luckily, his teacher will cover him and I will send in money tomorrow.

We had big storms last night and th forecast said morning showers. There was nothing on the radar so I took a chance and went to the zoo. It was overcast and not crowded. Nice.

I went back to the Safari area. The zebras were too far away and I didn't bring my longer zoom. I walked around and took shots of other things like architecture. I like how the architecture is part of the experience, no longer just utilitarian building trying to hide in the background. One of the giraffes was pretty close to the walk until I went for my camera. Bugger.

The zoo has been decorating for Christmas. They have special evening events. We won't go as Ryan doesn't like the dark. Then again, maybe Andy & I should go. He would love the lights.

A visit to the chiropractor and lunch. Then off to Target to get some drugs. Such an expensive trip especially since I found more crap stuff to buy for Christmas.

Andy brought home a wrapped gift for me. I pulled out the Christmas tree so we could place the gift underneath. Andy kept touching the gift and saying, "What do I do now?" Wait until Christmas. Then I asked, "Who is the gift for?" He answered, "Me!" "Um... no honey. You bought it for me. You wrote the tag." He walked away and never looked at it again.