autism + stubborn = nightmare!

Some kids are stubborn. Some kids have autism. Most with autism are stubborn. Take a boy who would be stubborn anyway (just look at his parents) and autism to the mix and get one that is almost impossible to get him to compromise.

Have this boy "lose" his special thermos and decide he will never drink again if it can't be found. Sure we have another thermos but the plastic is cracked and therefore not usable in his eyes. He has some straw cups which were all he used before he finally decided the thermos was better since it kept his milk cold. But that was then, he will not drink from them now. Throw them away!

Have this boy's mother, after looking for 20 minutes, finally give up and give his 3 choices: 1. old thermos; 2. straw cup; 3. regular cup get a response No cup! and finally yell, That's not a choice! Then the boys decides that a regular cup will do.

After Ryan goes to sleep and I've had some quiet me time, I get up one more time and look and find the cup. Ryan said he sat on the couch and never took in another room but then it must have been the elves that took it 2 rooms away. And the funny thing is that Ryan doesn't just drop his cup when he doesn't want anymore, he has always been good about setting it on something. Sometimes, you have to get down on your hands and knees and think about him playing like that to find it, like tonight it was on a low shelf.

And his stubborness! Makes me chuckle as I think about the advice for getting him to eat better. Just take away the bad stuff, he will get hungry enough. Ha! He would starve himself before he gave in. Though with his fear of doctors and hospitals, it just might be a tie.