I think I got it all running OK again. Yes there are some things missing but nothing vital that I know of. Eventually I will learn to make a full back prior to updating the OS.

My period sort of snuck up on me this month. Usually my nails chip a few days before but they didn't this time. Also I get so lethargic and even more lazy than usual but again, that didn't happen. Could it be that I am eating healthier?

I just reread Eating Well for Optimum Health by Andrew Weil. And I have been eating better most days though today I just couldn't stop with the mexican rice and ate too much, way too much. So at dinner I skipped the tortilla chips. Now I just need to add some exercise which I will soon since I did order Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes as recommended by Amy in her blog. Of course I could just try to clean up the house...

I hate election years. I am not political but it's hard not to look at what's going on. I don't watch television nor do I read the paper but I am getting enough from blogs to want to make it all go away. I hate what is happening to our country and I can't handle all the anxiety and animosity. Would that I could find another place to live but I can't so I guess I need to do something. UGH.

I like steel cut oats better than regular oatmeal.