05.01.08 part 2, the dentist

Actually it went pretty good. Goodness it's expensive! $125 for cleaning and check up.Andy has a small cavity in one of his baby teeth. It should fall out soon so they are not doing anything for it.Andy did well and let them brush his teeth. I hate when they ask if I am brushing their teeth. Like I have time? Good golly! I happy to get my own done. When we were little, we only had to brush once, before bed. We had to brush before we kissed my mom good night. A minty kiss meant we had done our job. And I had never heard of flossing until much older. I later learned that my mom was not so good with her oral hygiene. We had the same dentist and he used to say that he wished I would teach my mom how to brush her teeth. Ha!Once we were done with the dentist, Andy earned a trip to the toy store. I asked if he wanted a new bike (the shop is next door) but he wanted a toy. And he picked out a fairly cheap one at that. He wanted the Melissa & Doug Band in a Box.

We did go look at bikes. I think we are looking at a bmx style bike. I don't want gears because I know Andy will mess with them and screw them up. Single speed. Amazing how hard they are to find and how much they cost.

We finished off with Chick Fil A. Andy is too tall to play but they let him knowing he is not aggressive. There was a little boy, came up to Andy's waist, and he was ordering Andy around. He had Andy in "jail" and Andy thought it was funny.