Sunday means NASCAR. Ryan got into NASCAR a few years ago. He has so much of it memorized. His father would have be so proud. Back in 2005, we went to my sister's house for a long weekend. Ryan got to watch Speed Channel and was hooked. So when we came back, I upgraded the cable and got Speed. He stopped watching NASCAR races. d'oh!

My dad came down a month earlier than normal in November. He likes to watch sports. Ryan was anti-TV. But Ryan let him watch some things and even some NASCAR races.

The season started this year and we are watching every race. The pre-race show sometimes as well. He knows the schedule because he looks it up online. Yesterday, we watched the Nationwide Series and today was the Sprint Series race. Ryan sits in front of the laptop so he can check out stats and facts as the announcers tell them. He also has his NASCAR Encyclopedia ready for reference. Ryan doesn't eat nor drink during the race. He is afraid to miss anything.

For the last few nights, Andy has had trouble going to sleep. He is awake past 10. Last night, I heard him talking and came out to find his getting on the laptop. Oh no! I told him he doesn't have to sleep but he has to stay in his room. He can listen to his radio. I didn't hear from him again until 5:45 am.

Andy ate his breakfast as usual. I didn't see much of him but I think he was just playing on his computer. He did eat some of the grilled cheese for lunch. Then is was after 6 pm and he didn't ask to go ride his bike and didn't start dinner (he gets the chicken out and turns on the over). I went to look for him and found him asleep in the guest room. I asked if he wanted dinner or more sleep and he said dinner. But he didn't get up.

I imagine he will be awake tonight.

This weird lack of need for sleep, or flipped schedules in not uncommon in people with autism.

We have been fortunate that this only happens every few months. And at least he didn't keep coming into my room and wake me up and he has in the past. I should look for his DS so he has another option if he wakes up.