710 calories for lunch?!

I went to my favorite place for lunch yesterday, Tijuana Flats. I am avoiding fried foods which meant no chips, no crunchy tacos, no flautas and no chimichangas. I decide on the enhiladas thinking that the corn tortillas must be healthier than flour if I go with the burrito. I love corn but not corn tortillas, it's just a weird texture. I also get the "meal" which includes refried beans and rice. Yes, it was good. No, it wasn't great. The whole thing was 710 calories (not including my tea). I am not sure it was worth it.

I could have tried the "power light" which means reduced fat cheese and fat free sour cream. eh. I'd rather eat less of the real thing. And I will probably just go there less often which will also save some money.

(Sorry, Puffy. I know we all hate when Wanda would talk of nothing about her diet and exercise transformation, I guess I could whine about the economy and the presidential campaigns?)