Years ago, I found some software called BalanceLog. It worked on my Palm and it was wonderful for keeping track of diet and exercise. You could set up what kind of diet you wanted to follow and it would tell you want you needed to eat more of and what you had eaten too much of. It also told you what kinds of activities would give you the best results, ie calories burned.

Then the company who sold BalanceLog was sold and the new company doesn't support it for the Palm anymore. It does comes in a desktop version but only for Windows. It's not worth the effort to get Windows just for that. Besides, my program on my Palm worked fine for a few years.

I tried using it the other day and I needed a passkey. I couldn't find one so I started looking online for something similar. I liked the look of FitDay but it is also just for Windows. But luckily they have an online version which is free. So now I can log on at any computer but I can't just grab my Palm. Oh well.

I am on Day 3. The first day was a little tedious finding and altering some of my foods. But then there is a drop down menu for recent foods so you don't have to go searching so hard.

One of the good things I have discovered is that my favorite chocolate is only 1/4 of a serving. All this time, I thought one square was a serving and making sure I never ate more than one a day, trying to go days without any, and now I learn that 4 squares is a serving. No, I am not eating more, OK, just one extra square somedays, but I feel less guilty when I eat one at all.

And I don't follow the calories so strictly. But one of the best ways to watch what you eat is to keep a food journal. When you have to write everything down, you are less likely to cheat.

I notice that my "obsessions" seem to have about a 6-9 month life span. So if I can keep this up for 6-9 months, I will be doing well. And I had better be losing some weight too.