20181014 cycling


I am happy with the mileages I rode this week. It was a crap week of work which left me with days off. I took advantage of them. I also started the 2018 Coffeeneuring challenge.


75° humidity 89% wind 7-11 E
Cloudy and very windy.
15.16 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 93% wind 10-24! E
Very windy. At least the sun was out a bit still some clouds.
15.16 miles
10.8 mph


79° humidity 87% wind 14-25! SE
Very windy. I saw no other cyclists nor joggers nor walkers about. It was me and cars and trucks.
I was too tired to push much against the wind.
9.04 miles
9.7 mph


79° humidity 94% wind 4 SW
Less wind but more humidity.
11.71 miles
11.1 mph


72° humidity 94% wind 1 NW
Got caught by the light at Mansfield both times. This is what happens when I go clockwise.
Low fog. Stopped a few times to take photos.
9.04 miles
11 mph


67° humidity 75% wind 4-5 N
Coffeeneuring #1
Cooler morning. I love it.
First day of vacation so I have time for a longer ride and smoothie stop. (Also I ran out of ingredients at home and need to go shopping.)
I went on my normal route then continued west on SR56 to BBD. I went south to Smoothie King. I can never figure out what I want. Too many choices. I opted for a Vanilla Gladiator with Blueberries and Mangoes. It was OK but I make mine with tart cherry juice which gives it that added sweetness.
Windy on the way home.
17.38 miles
11.4 mph


75° humidity 80% wind 5-9 E
Sunny and windy. Little traffic.
15.02 miles
11.5 mph

This week 92.5 miles
This year 2645 miles

20181007 cycling

bike lane

I feel pretty good about my mileage this week. I look forward to when I can ride my road bike again and ride even farther.


75° humidity 95% wind 5-7 NE
I saw Lianna riding along Mansfield. We rode up to KBar and back. I left her at Mansfield and went on my usual ride.
19.45 miles
10.9 mph


77° humidity 89% wind 7-10 NE
Sunny and windy.
Late start so I skipped the far loop at Union Park. There is too much construction traffic as well. Headwind along Mansfield was brutal.
13.44 miles
11.2 mph


71° humidity 94% wind 4-6 NE
Just before sunrise. It was in my eyes as I rode to Union Park. I did a detour into Meridian and I to Sheringham.
15.64 miles
10.9 mph


72° humidity 92% wind 4-5 NE
Sunny and windy.
15.07 miles
11.0 mph


72° humidity 97% wind 3-4 NE
Short ride before the sun came up.
Two cyclist riding the wrong way in the bike lanes along Beardsley. WTF
9.04 miles
11.1 mph


72° humidity 94% wind 2-3 NE
Early ride, before the sunrise.
9.03 miles
11.0 mph


77° humidity 85% wind 6 NE
Sunny and windy. I had to keep telling my legs to move.
9.04 miles
10.9 mph
This week 90.7 miles
This year 2552 miles

20190930 cycling


A decent week of riding. I think I prefer riding before the sun comes up despite missing the good effects of sun on my body/


73° humidity 95% wind 2-3 E
Out before the sun came up.
Saw the cowboys getting ready to gather the herd. I had never seen them before.
Missed the school traffic, too. A good ride.
9.02 miles
11 mph


74° humidity 94% wind 4 E
No energy. My mind kept drifting.
9.02 miles
10.6 mph


75° humidity 77% wind 3-4 E
Out before the sun came. Almost back as well. Still a lot of traffic but not at the schools.
9.03 mph
10.8 mph


74° humidity 97% wind 2-6 E
Out before sunrise. I got my headlamp but it was dead. I plugged in the battery and it worked well enough for me to be seen. The streetlights were lit so I had no problems seeing the road.
School bus crossed the white line as it passed me. When it stopped to pick up kids, I went around it. We played leap frog two more times.
I rode through Union Park.
Police vehicle blocking road and bike lane in front of JLMS. I used the sidewalk.
14.92 miles
11.1 mph


75° humidity 94% wind 2-4 E
Tired from working late yesterday.
Legs kept wanting to go slow.
Grass mowing tractor nearly drove me off the MUP.
Strava ate up the iPhone battery. Lower power mode tried to click on.
14.95 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 98% wind 1-2 NE
Saturdays are nice because there is less traffic.
Trucker and trailer didn't see me crossing the road as they were turning right. I expected it and slowed down.
9.07 miles
11 mph


76° humidity 92% wind 5-7 NE
Warm and windy.
My body was still tired.
9.03 miles
10.9 miles

This week 75 miles
This month 302 miles
This year 2462 miles

20180923 cycling


I upped my rides this week. I am still riding the 820 because my collarbone is still healing. PA said 6 more weeks! But I am riding longer on the days I don’t have to work early. Pumping up the tires increased my speed some. I might need to change my saddle.


75° humidity 99% wind 3 S
Out before sunrise. More traffic being it was a Monday.
I remembered my sunglasses and needed them when I turned onto Mansfield.
Can't seem to get my speed up.
9.05 miles
10.2 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 1E
Out before the sun came up. I missed the sunrise but it was up when I got to Mansfield.
9.09 miles
10.3 mph


75° humidity 93% wind 1-2 N
A little later than yesterday so the sun was in my eyes. Also a lot of traffic on Oldwoods because of the new school. I will have to remember that. Oldwoods is not wide and there are no bike lanes.
Heavy traffic on MPB as well.
Driver turning left onto Hueland Pond saw me, hesitated, then decided to go anyway so I had to brake. Asshole.
Driver turning left onto Mansfield went even though I had the right of way and I had to brake. Both assholes were young women. WTF
Ran into heavy traffic at JLMS. I had to stop because Fred didn't see me. Also the car in front of me was blocking the bike lane. Sure glad I ride to reduce stress.
12.92 miles
10.4 mph


73° humidity 97% wind 1N
Pumped up the tires. What a difference!
Vehicle accident on MPB at Beaconsfield. Older woman hit another car and then ran into a tree. She was sitting on the stretcher as I rode by.
Managed to miss the worse of the school traffic in Union Park and JLMS.
15.03 miles
11.2 mph


73° humidity 100% wind 3-5 NE
A little later start because I was tired from working late. Sun was in my eyes. But I missed the school traffic.
15.02 miles
11.1 mph


76° humidity 91% wind 5-6 NE
Windy. Wind feel worse on my 820. Part of it is the bike and part is how high I sit.
LMP truck parked in bike lane with no cones, no flashers.
Slow ride.
14.90 miles
10.4 mph


77° humidity 87% wind 4-6 E
Sunny and windy. Did the long route to Union Park. I was glad for the tailwind along SR56. Saw a guy on a Halfbike. It looked like a lot of work.
14.97 miles
10.8 mph

This week 91 miles
This year 2380 miles

20180916 cycling


Feeling better every week. Still riding my 820 because my collarbone is still healing. But I feel like I want to ride longer and harder.


73° humidity 99% wind ~
Started as the sun was rising. I had to put on my sunglasses when I got to the pond on Beardsley. Steamy pond. More traffic today. I might try to get put earlier tomorrow.
9.10 miles
10.6 mph


75° humidity 95% wind 1-4 NE
Pleasant day. Less traffic.
9.04 miles
10.9 mph


89° humidity 61% wind 1-2 E
I didn't ride in the morning because I had a job interview. I opted for going back to sleep after the bus picked up Andy. I chose to ride after dinner even though The forecast called for light rain.
There were some sprinkles but then they stopped.
Halfway through, my legs felt like jello. I don't know why.
I opted to cut through Hueland Pond rather than go to Mansfield. There was rain in the distance and I wasn't sure if I would be riding into it.
8.49 miles
10.4 mph


76° humidity 95% wind 1-3 NE
Rode a little farther today. The cows are back in the pasture at MPB and SR56.
Talked to Fred and Bob.
11.99 miles
10.7 mph


75° humidity 97% wind 1-3 S
Bike feels so slow. Is it me or the tires?
Rode to UPCS.
11.94 miles
10.6 mph


78° humidity 94% wind 3 S
No energy today and the sun was right in my eyes. I saw three hot air balloons.
9.04 miles
10.4 mph


78° humidity 95# wind 3 S
The sun wasn't up. It was nice to not have it in my eyes. Except when I turned east on Mansfield. But it was a short portion. A slow ride.
8.5 miles
10.3 mph

This week 68.1 miles
This year 2319

20180909 cycling

bike lane

# 20180909 Cycling

Finally back on the bike every day. I am still taking it easy and still riding the 820. It doesn’t feel like a big effort but I don’t want to overdo it. Yet I am itching to ride longer and father and harder.


77° humidity 90% wind 7-11 NE
Windy and sunny. More traffic this morning which bothered me some. I think I am going to try riding earlier even if it is dark.
6.05 miles
10.7 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 7-14 E
Windy! Short ride. Tired.
6.11 miles
10.5 mph


75° humidity 98% wind 3-4 E
The light was against me so I turned right onto Mansfield. I didn't do my usual loop but went to the deadend and turned around.
I went through The Ridge to SR56 then back to Mansfield. It was a nice ride and the sun was just visible through the haze.
6.98 miles
10.5 mph


75° humidity 95% wind 5-7 NE
Rode my usual loop. I rode on the MUP. I prefer the road.
Stopped and talked to the crossing guard.
8.48 miles
10.5 mph


74° humidity 97% wind 4 E
Only time for a short ride because I had to drive Andy to school. I am getting a little faster.
6.52 miles
11.2 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 2-3
Felt windier.
Rode my usual loop. This bike needs a tune up and a new chain and gears and wheels and handlebars and overhaul.
9.1 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 95% wind ~
More wind that reported.
Usual route. Completed the week riding.
9.10 miles
11 mph

This week 52.3
This year 2260

20180902 Cycling 


Ever since the PA told me I no longer needed to wear my sling, Ryan has been expecting me to ride my bike. I have missed it but I wasn’t feeling up to riding. My shoulder didn’t hurt as much as the whiplash. But even the whiplash was getting better. I told Ryan I could use the rollers and ride inside. He left me alone until Sunday when I was off. 
I went to get them and pulled too hard and re-injured my shoulder. It hurt like hell for two days. On Tuesday, we set the rollers up and I got on the bike. 
It only took me a day to get used to the rollers and another day to be bored. Because I had no pain riding the rollers, I felt brave to ride on the road. 


I put away my road bike. I set up the rollers. They are a lot higher than I remembered. It has been 23 years since I used them. I had to use the granny gear. Oh well. I made it 30 minutes. My shoulder feels fine but now my back hurts again.
I need to wear gloves as my arms and hands sweat.


Today was easier. I did 30 minutes. I tried out the Strava app afterwards for a couple of minutes. It will upload to Strava but the iPhone app won't track indoor rides. Wearing proper gear helped. 


I find I need to tighten the fork before each session. It loosens as I ride because I am not perfectly balanced. 
30 minutes. 


Turns out I can text and ride at the same time. 
30 minutes. 

This month 40 km 24.8 miles
This year 2193


77° humidity 93% wind 5-10 E
I just couldn't do the rollers again. Two reasons. Two challenges. The first was the Apple Watch National Parks Challenge. Do a workout for 50 minutes. Fifty minutes (Unfortunately I missed the park where it had to be a walk, run or wheelchair activity.) And Cycle September from Love to Ride. I took my bike off he rollers and put on the front wheel. I didn't get a new helmet yet so I stuck to local roads. Turns out I lost a lot of fitness and couldn't ride very fast anyway. I took my time and loved feeling the wind against my face and the sun on my skin. 
8.9 miles
10.6 mph


78° humidity 90% wind 7 E
Another short, easy ride. I am just trying to get my fitness back. Taking it easy until I heal. 
6.1 miles
10.5 mph
This week 15 miles
This year 2208

back to work



I really didn’t want to go back to work. I didn’t feel up to it. But I needed to go back or go on medical leave. If I went on medical leave, I would get no paycheck and possibly forfeit a bonus check. When I was home business manager, I earned 3% bonus on everything I sold. I also earned $100 or $300 bonus if our department made the month. I asked Tracy how home did in July. She told me we were 28% up! This meant I would earn the $300 bonus. My sales were up so I guessed that I might have another $300 in sales bonus. I didn’t want to give up an $600 by missing work. So I went in today. I should have stayed home.

I am finally feeling almost OK standing and walking for short periods. There is pain in my back but it is manageable. Walking and bending all day work was awful. I thought it would be a slow day but we had over 1000 markdowns in the area in men’s where I have been assigned. Markdowns in men’s is way easier than home but it was still more movement than I was ready for. Our intern, M, was helping from 12:00. I let him scan and I put on the tickets because I was much slower. I had to keep stopping and just breathe through the pain. I couldn’t wait for 1:00 when I could go to lunch. I was hoping that sitting would help but the pain, but it was too bad at that point. When I went back to work, I sat in a chair and put on tickets whenever I could.

I was only scheduled until 5:00. I was ready to leave at 4:30. I talked to J and asked if I could work a shorter shift on Wednesday.


I worked 2-9 on Wednesday. It was much like Tuesday but without the markdowns. My back hurt so much. I started to clean up the denim and sat in a chair while doing it.  I mostly sat the final hour before the store closed. I had to ice my back for about an hour for the pain to subside once I got home. 

Thursday was just as painful and I was glad to leave at 5.


I was feeling better on Friday. I had a job interview in the morning that was probably a waste of time.  But every interview gives me more experience and confidence, right? I also went to the chiropractor for another adjustment.

I worked 2-9 but started feeling pain right away. I wasn’t sure if I would last until 9. Thankfully, the pain didn’t get worse and even felt better at times. It was a slow day filled with tasking. At home, it took several ice packs to calm the pain so I could sleep.


I finally felt some improvement on Saturday. I didn’t need to sit so often and even worked an hour longer than previous days. Good sales also helped my mood.


I was so glad to have today off. Working five days in a row after having almost two weeks off was just too much. I also found out that I could have taken more days off. I should have called HR but believed K when she told me that I could only take one week off. Another associate was told that she only had 4 days of sick time but called HR and found out she had 80 hours. Why does K feel the need to lie?

I napped quite a bit today. And my back hurt less. I only took one naproxen at 6:00 am and at 3:00 pm. The pain is manageable. I hope the improvement continues as I have to work 8 hours tomorrow.

the accident

 bicycle accident

On Friday, August 3, I had my first serious bicycle crash. I was riding east in a bike lane and the sun was in my eyes. I had on sunglasses but still kept my head low. I could see about 20 feet in front of me. I caught a flash of orange out the corner of my eye. I looked up to see a white van parked in the bike lane. I was too close to brake, I swerved left. 

The next thing I recall is looking up and seeing Whitlock Village and thinking I didn’t recall this village in Seven Oaks. Things started to get a little clearer and I realized I was still in Meadow Pointe and on Beardsley Avenue. My shoulder was sore but I got up and sat on the bumper of the van. Someone called 911. Florida Highway Patrol arrived and asked me questions. I declined a ride to the hospital. I didn’t have my ID nor insurance and needed to go home. I didn’t feel that bad. 

I called D and she picked me, took me home. I changed my clothes from my cycling shorts and sweat soaked top. I put on a wool shirt that would keep me warm in the ER which is usually cold. D dropped me off as she had to go back to work. I was sore but didn’t really think I was hurt. If anything, I expected a concussion because I had no memory of the impact. I am not sure if I lost consciousness. 

FHWC ER is a new concept from what I am used to. I got put into a private room and only the basic information was taken before a PA came in to see me. A technician came in and took X-rays of my left knee and right shoulder. My left knee was scraped but didn’t hurt. I was wheeled to another room for a CT scan of my head and neck. While I waiting for the results, I got a tetanus shot. I opted to get the shot in my sore arm. No reason to have two sore arms. Finally, someone came to get my insurance information. 

It was quite a surprise to hear I had a broken clavicle. The pain was only a 3 or 4! And especially weird to hear I had no concussion. Then again, my head didn’t feel like I had a concussion. The pain was really just in my shoulder. They gave me ibuprofen 800. I was told to called an orthopedic surgeon in case I needed surgery. They gave me a sling with a waist strap to keep me from moving my shoulder. 

My dad picked me up and took me home. I thought about having him take me to fill my prescription but his driving out of the hospital parking lot left me with little patience. We went home. 

D picked me up and took me to Target. At this point, the whiplash kicked in. I had an awful pain in my right shoulder blade. The pain was only bearable while I was sitting and putting pressure on it. Walking or standing for more that a few minutes made me nauseous. 

The hardest part was trying to do everything with one hand. Although I am right handed, I do use my left hand for many tasks. Just not everything. Brushing my teeth with my left hand was so awkward. 

I was a little worried about sleeping that first night. I prefer to sleep on my side and was worried I might try to move while I was sleeping. Sleeping was fine and I slept most of the night. I didn’t need any pain reliever. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home sitting in my chair most of the day. I only got up to fill my stand ring on my Apple Watch. The pain in my back was awful. 

On Monday, I went to the chiropractor. He told me that it was the whiplash that was causing the pain. He did some adjustments. I was really sore and the cracking was intense. I thought this would help, it didn’t. 

I had to keep calling every day to say I wouldn’t be at work. I worried every day that I would have to talk to K. She wanted to know how long I would be out. I just didn’t know how long the pain would continue. If it wasn’t for the whiplash and back pain, I wouldn’t have missed any work. 

On Tuesday, it was school registration for Andy. I was fortunate that they started a virtual registration that was online. I only needed to logon and get his schedule and bus information. I would not have been able to stand in line like I had to for the past 16 years. Later, Andy and I drove to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Driving is OK. My back hurt but it was tolerable. 

I spent most of my time, reading, surfing the web, listening to podcasts and looking for jobs. 

On Friday, I went to the orthopedic surgeon. This was the earliest appointment I could get and I had to drive to Brandon. The hospital didn’t upload the X-rays so I needed more. The technician told me that Dr C likes more views as well. The PA explained the complications of surgery versus no surgery. I opted for no surgery. They agreed especially since I have little pain when I move my arm. I was told to start moving my arm with pendulums but not to move my arm above my shoulder. They told me I only needed to hold my arm at a 45° angle instead of 90°. We took off the waist strap from the sling. I go back in 2 weeks.

I went to the chiropractor to get another adjustment. This one went a little better. Dr B said I should come back every week. 

I started to feel improvement on Sunday. I could walk and stand for about 10-15 minutes before the pain was too much. Monday brought even more improvement. I don’t know if it is because I switched to naproxen or if I am finally healing. I went back to the chiropractor. I even stopped at Publix for a few groceries. I am not sure if I will be able to work the full day but I am going to try.