20190616 cycling


I am disappointed in the lack of miles this week. But I have not been feeling great while riding. I don’t know if it is the heat and humidity, my age, or maybe I just need a break. I am determined to ride an hour each day and not worry about my speed.


73° humidity 95% wind 4-7 SW
So many dead frogs. Pasco starts summer school today. The buses are out.
11.25 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 7-9 S
Rain in the area but they said it should be light. I realized the wind had changed and I turned around at SR56. I stopped and said hello to the cows and checked the weather. Heavier rain was coming sooner. Great.
The first bit of rain was light and short. I was about 2 miles from home when the skies opened up. I was soaked within a block. The rain let up as I got near home but I was too wet and could hear thunder.
9.02 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 6-10 S
Sun was back but so was the wind. My plan was to go 25 miles to make up for yesterday but my body said no. I saw an eagle get harassed by a much smaller bird.
17.46 miles


81° humidity 86% wind 6-11 W
I did mini loops until I was getting nauseous. Where has my energy gone? Almost hit by a car coming out of the Looney Bin. I was wiping my face and didn't look.
14.42 miles


71° humidity 100% wind 2-4 S
Trying something different. I rode as soon as I got up. It was dark and quiet except for the gators and wild boars making noise.
I rode mini loops for an hour.
10.65 miles

72° humidity 100% wind 2-3 N
I heard no gators this morning. Mini loops.
12.30 miles


74° humidity 98% wind 2 NIt was getting lighter so I did the regular loop and one mini. Still no energy. At least I got to see the sunrise.
11.19 miles

This week 86.3 miles
This year 2757 miles

20190609 cycling


A good week for riding. I started feeling stronger towards the end of the week.


85° humidity 68% = 93° wind 7 NW
Late start because I met the new neighbors. Sprinkles started at mile 5. Light rain at mile 8. Soaked by the time I got home.
11.58 miles


75° humidity 89% wind light
Summer is coming.
20.70 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 2-5 SE
More cyclists today. Foul odor from the Looney Bin again.
17.07 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 2-4 SE
Rain last night means many dead frogs in the road.
13.27 miles


78° humidity 80% wind 5-8S
Overcast with rainin the forecast. A bit windy. A few sprinkles. Not enough to cool me down. A woman yelled at me out her car window "You look amazing!" I thanked her. I don't know who she was. She must have seen me riding over the years.
Still a foul odor from the Looney Bin.
16.93 miles


81° humidity 77% wind 2-11 NE
Overcast and humid.
New yield signs along SR56 MUP.
21.28 miles


74° humidity 95% wind 4-8 SE
Didn't get to far before I had to turn back. I had forgotten my light. Some of the areas I ride, have no streetlights. It gets very dark in the country.
One loop and one mini loop.
12.34 miles

This week 113.2 miles
This year 2669 miles

20190602 cycling


Just an OK week for riding. I didn’t know why my energy has gone away.


92° humidity 46% feels like 97°
Headwind along Mansfield was bad. Did three short loops.
10.28 miles
11.0 mph


82° humidity 68% wind 4 S/SW
The wind shouldn't have mattered but it did. I couldn't fight it.
17.06 miles
11.3 mph


77° humidity 72% wind 5-13 SE
Started out OK then wind got strong. Stomach cramps started about mile 15 so I didn't do three loops as planned.
19.21 miles
11.0 mph


76° humidity 82% wind 3-6 S
I started out strong but lost it at about 8 miles. I had nothing left but I kept going.
I saw a big yellow snake in pond 41 and an alligator in the gully.
15.99 miles
11.0 mph


79° humidity 85% wind 5-7 S
Still no energy. Is it the heat? I tried to take it easy which helped some.
15.03 miles
10.6 mph


84° humidity 68% wind 5-7 NW feels like 90°
I did much better today. I didn't feel tired until mile 17 and dead at mile 18.
18.87 miles
11.1 mph


72° humidity 100% wind 1-3 SE
I dug out my light and found I had to charge it up. Good thing I ride with a charger.
Dark and quiet and cool. Some fog.
Foul smell coming for the Looney Bin.
11.23 miles
10.9 mph

This week 107.7 miles
This year 2568 miles

20190526 cycling


An OK week. I just didn’t have the energy to ride longer. Is it the heat or the wind?


84° humidity 62% wind 1-4 SE
Warm and sunny and I didn't feel like riding until I had 5 miles in then I kicked it up some. Not a fast ride. I saw a 6' alligator swimming in the pond along Beardsley and a wild turkey walking along SR56.
16.93 miles
11.4 mph


82° humidity 68% wind 5-6S
Too warm. I didn't see the alligator in the pond but I did see one in the gully along SR56. He was in the same position the second time I went around.
16.98 miles
11.4 mph


77° humidity 80% wind 3-4 SE
Short ride. I saw no alligators today. School traffic. One loop.
11.28 miles
11.6 mph


81° humidity 61% wind 8-9 E
Windy. I tried but I couldn't fight it.
I only saw two wild turkeys today.
17.07 miles
10.8 mph


91° humidity 40% wind 7-14 E
Hot and windy. Late ride due to Andy's award breakfast at school.
I really wish cars would look before the turn right on red.
11.26 miles
11.0 mph


80% humidity 67% wind 4-10 NE
I saw the alligator in the pond on Beardsley. I saw a turtle on MUP along SR56. I think I saw another alligator in Pond 38 along SR56. But that pond is fenced and has been almost dry. Could an alligator get under a chain link fence?
16.47 miles
10.8 mph


I rode to a friend’s house for swimming.
90° humidity 49% wind 5-8 E
Tailwind there so I made good time.
6.55 miles
12.9 mph
93° humidity 43% wind 2-5 NE
Either wind was stronger or I was tired from swimming. Headwind the whole way home.
6.58 miles
11.1 mph

This week 103.1 miles
This year 2461 miles

20190519 cycling

 special olympics summer games

Less miles this week. The weather was fine but we went to Disney for Special Olympics and I didn’t do much over the weekend.


79° humidity 86% wind 9-14 SW
Ride down BBD again but only to Tampa Palms. Construction across from Hunters Green had the bike lane and sidewalk blocked from McDonald's to Hunters Green. Annoying. As I pulled into the garage, I heard thunder. I just missed the rain.
17.16 miles
11.3 mph


78° humidity 81% wind 5-11 W
Bad time to ride on BBD but it didn't stop me. Lots of traffic especially if citing the interstate. Lots of gnats, too. At least the wind wasn't too bad.
18.30 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 80% wind 4-6 NE then E then SE
Decided to do 3 loops. I need to stop thinking I can do it without a decent break. Twenty miles is my max without a get off the bike and sit break. Utility crew was replacing the tilted poles. It was interested to see the process each time I passed. Another crew was cleaning up the debris from the collapsed pre-school.
24.33 miles
11.1 mph


73° humidity 76% wind 7E
My body did not want to fight the wind.
Two slow loops.
17.07 miles
11.0 mph


68° humidity 83% wind 2-4 SE
Short ride so I can get ready for Special Olympics. I tried to push it some.
11.25 miles
11.8 mph


Special Olympics
Indoor Bike at Hilton
60 minutes
14.12 miles

20190519 bike copy.PNG

86° humidity 43% wind 6-7 NW
I put it off as long as possible. I didn't feel like riding. But I also couldn't break my 8 month+ run of riding.
Just a short, casual ride. I didn't even change my clothes.
4.40 miles
10.8 mph

This week 106.6 miles
This year 2358 miles

20190512 cycling

bike lane

Not a great week for cycling. Somedays I struggled to ride. I wasn’t sure if it was just that day or was I over training? I tried to listen to my body.


78° humidity 87% wind 2-7NW
Cloudy and muggy and full of Love Bugs.
Two loops.
16.83 miles
11.6 mph


67° humidity 97% wind 2-3 NE
I rode up to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with my dad and my sister. I had already eaten so I had a yogurt parfait and Nancy's grits. (She will only eat them with cheese.)
76° humidity 86% wind 4-5 NE
I rode bike he long way home. I stopped when I saw the Wesley Chapel historic marker #alwaysreadtheplacque then rode through Meadow Pointe to home. Beautiful day and very little wind.
18.86 miles
11.6 mph


76° humidity 83% wind 9E
The wind is back, ugh. The love bugs were put in force too. Two loops.
We had a storm roll through on Friday. It caused some utility poles to lean. I hadn't noticed at the time, but it also took out the new pre-school under construction. The walls and roof were up. Today there are only two wall standing.
16.91 miles
10.9 mph


77° humidity 76% wind 10 E
Too windy or I am too tired. I just couldn't seem to go any faster.
Two loops.
16.93 miles
10.6 mph


82° humidity 70% wind 10 SE
I think I have hit burnout. I had no energy today even when the wind was behind me. I haven't missed a day since September 1 and maybe it is time I did. I cut the ride short.
14.99 miles
10.1 mph


89° humidity 54% wind 8-12 SW
Late ride because I went on a photowalk today. Sunny and windy. One big loop.
11.67 miles
11.1 mph


87° humidity 62% wind 11-18 SW
I rode down to BBD to Skipper Ave and back. Getting past I75 is no easy feat.
20.39 miles
11.5 mph

This week 116.6
This year 2231

20190505 cycling


A good week though I took it a little easy with the mileage. I didn’t want to burn out.


75° humidity 72% wind 5-9 E
Sunny and windy. And my legs weren’t having it. I might have to scale back some this week. Too many love bugs.
19.07 miles
11.1 mph

 law enforcement torch run

91° humidity 40% wind 9-16 E
Hot and windy. It was a late afternoon ride because Andy and I participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics this morning.
Two loops.
16.91 miles
11.1 mph

This month 609 miles


78° humidity 75% wind 6-12 E
Sunny and windy. I really hating pushing against the wind.
Dead hawk in the road.
20.65 miles
11.1 mph


79° humidity 74% wind 7-13 E
The wind just don't quit. Two loops.
17.04 miles
11.2 mph


74° humidity 89% wind 5-9 S
Cloudy and humid but not much wind.
Tachycardia at mile 13 for not apparent reason. I would have finished over 12 mph but for that.
16.26 miles
11.9 mph


88° humidity 61% wind 9-13 SW
Rode one big loop and got rained on for about 2 miles. The rain stopped so I kept going. I rode to Wiregrass Fresh Market to get some honey. Had a salad at Panera.
18.56 miles
11.3 mph


72° humidity 89% wind 9-22 W/SW
Big storm this afternoon so I waited for it to stop. Cooler but muggy. Lots of debris in the road. A fallen tree on Beardsley right next to the one that fell during the last storm. I also noticed some power lines that were leaning along SR56.
One big loop and one small loop.
18.66 miles
12.0 mph

This week 127.1 miles
This year 2134 miles

20190428 cycling


I wanted another week of high mileage so I rode a little longer in order to average 20 miles a day. It was a good week except for those windy days.


81° humidity 30% wind 1-4 SE
Late ride do to lunch in Orlando.
With such light winds, everything is a headwind. Also but we're a problem. One got in my ear! My shirt looks like a car grille when I got home.
16.88 miles
11.7 mph


74° humidity 55% wind light from every direction but west.
Cool with little wind. Perfect day for cycling. Buzzards eating roadkill that an eagle refused. Utility trucks blocking the paths and roads. Prisoners cleaning up the trash along SR56. How come the men only have to wear grey jumpsuits but the women have to wear the old fashioned striped prison garb?
I forgot to fill up my water bottle so what I had wasn't even cold. Old well. I went easy and rode 3 laps. My bum was not happy that last mile.
24.83 miles
11.7 mph


70° humidity 69% wind 3-4 S
Warmer today. Sinus headache so I just let me legs pedal. Two loops.
I was riding north on MPB. Driver coming south. No other vehicles. Just as he gets to me, he lays on his horns for a good 5 seconds. WTF! That is where my HR spiked.
16.94 miles
11.4 mph


71° humidity 75% wind 3 SE
Beautiful day for a ride and most of it was good. Then I was crossing Mansfield. I was against the light but most of the traffic had cleared. One car was coming. I pushed it and realized was a mistake it was. My heart lurched and I could barely breathe. Fuck. Tachycardia. I rode slowly home. I tried rubbing an ice cube all over my face but it didn't seem to help but it did.
24.85 miles
11.3 mph


75° humidity 87% wind 7-22SW
The wind was brutal at times. And I had stomach cramps. I pushed through and turned around at Amberly. The ride back was so nice with the tailwinds that I didn't even mind stopping for the traffic lights.
18.27 miles
11.2 mph


72° humidity 50% wind 7-9 NE
Beautiful and windy. Not as bad as yesterday but still annoying. Also, the love bugs are early and in abundance. I have never seen so many! I had to keep my mouth closed.
19.82 miles
11.1 mph


89° humidity 40% wind 3-6 SE
Afternoon rides are becoming too warm and the summer humidity isn't even here yet.
Two loops.
19.21 miles
11.6 mph

This week 140.8 miles
This year 1988 miles

20190421 cycling

 special olympics summer games

It was a pretty good week for riding. I was busy doing rides for errandonnee and racked up the miles.


65° humidity 77% wind 6-13NW
First I forgot my helmet, then I forgot my glasses. Sigh.
Rode against the wind to Lori's. I brought her cookies. (You carried what?) continued against the wind and up and down arrow sidewalks to the library. I needed a new card. (Personal business or wildcard). Finally with the wind to the bank. The walk up ATM was out of order so I went to the drive-thru ATM. (Personal business)
Rode to Panera and met Lori for lunch. (Social call) Rode back towards home but stopped at Target to get milk for Ryan. (Store)
20.37 miles
11.4 mph


79° humidity 37% wind 4-5 E
Wind was stronger and in different directions. Bus Z528 stopped in the crosswalk at Hueland Pond and I had to swerve around it. Ass.
16.77 miles
11.5 mph


66° humidity 77% wind 2-4SE
Rode south on BBD. At Amberly, I got out of the rode and onto the MUP. It got crowded and a bit crazy once I got to USF. Lots of t affix and pedestrians. I parked my bike and walked to the museum. It was different. I walked over to the gallery but it was closed. (Arts and Entertainment)
76° humidity 56% wind 6SE
I rode my bike through USF and was happy to get out of there and ride on busy Fowler Ave to Fuzzy’s Tacos. (Social call)
No bike rack but so found a sign to lock my bike to. I got the shrimp fajita plate. I am not a big fan of peppers but I like the rest of it.
79° humidity 51% wind 6-11 SE
Google maps said the best way home was through USF. No thanks. I went around and made it just fine. But the tailwind was a headwind until I got to Cross Creek. Then it came back along CLR. Oh well, the lunch break was what I needed to not feel tired.
27.06 miles I stopped at CVS for sunscreen but they didn't have Blue Lizard though their app said they did. (Personal care)
27.06 miles
11.7 mph


70° humidity 71% wind 7-10 SE
Sunny and windy. More broken glass on Beardsley this time east of Braughton Place. Crowd fighting over a dead squirrel. Rode two loops. Truck didn't stop coming out of The Ridge. I expect the worse from drivers and prepared to stop.
Stop at the school to see if they take used batteries for fundraising. They do and I will go back later.
17.60 miles
11.1 mph


I took 20 pounds of used batteries up to the elementary school for fundraising. (Non-store errand) then I rode to the out community fitness center. (Personal care)
3.17 miles


80° humidity 74% wind 17-27 S
Windy as heck! I tried a new route just up and down CLR. CLR runs and east and west thought it does curve. I only had to deal with string headwinds at certain parts for a short distance. It is almost 5 miles and I did it three times.
14.75 miles
11.4 mph


67° humidity 64% wind 7-18 SW
21-24 NW 20-27 W
Windy as heck! A bit cool, too
It was a slog on most of the roads. I would have stopped at one loop but I needed the extra calories burned off so I can eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
16.75 miles
11.0 mph


76° humidity 33% wind 8-10 NW
Want d a longer ride and to take advantage of the wind direction, I rode the long way to Lori's & Bob's. (Social call)
21.31 miles
11.6 mph

This week 137.8 miles
This year 1845 miles