[mosaic monday] tea time

I did not grow up drinking tea. My parents are coffee drinkers. I preferred sodas but had to drink milk at meals. When I was chilled, I drank hot cocoa. When I went to Poland, I was chilled. I was cold. No hot cocoa there. I tried tea. With even sugar, I learned to like. Especially black china tea. Strong and sweet. It makes sense because that is the way dad made sweet tea in the summer.

When I came back home, I still favored hot cocoa. But gradually switched to tea in order to save some money and calories. I learned to like green tea. I go to Starbucks but only like their Tazo Awake tea hot or their Tazo Chai tea iced.

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[mosaic monday] fruit & bubbles

This week's theme is fruit & vegetables. Out meet-up group had scheduled play in the park where we could take macro shots. I had planned to get my shots done then but as the host, I had to help out more than I could shoot. So I waited until the last minute, again, and took my shots. I took a vase full of soda water and hung a lemon slice from it. Then I played with cherries and finally some faux cherries and my woodling.

[mosaic monday] frozen in time

I joined the ClickinMoms Project52macro photo challenge. One macro, once a week, 2011. This week's theme was ice. I had the idea of freezing a lego on a block of ice. But the ice was too cloudy and you could only see his hands, feet & beret until it melted. So I sat there and took shots every few minutes for over an hour. If I had the motivation, I could do a time lapse video. Then again, I have done it before and it is a lot of work for 30 seconds.

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[monday mosaic] mast general store annex

We went to Valle Crucis to check out the Mast General Store. We saw the sign and pulled in just as the rain started in earnest. Once the rain let up, we ran into the store. We didn't realize until we had been there a while, that this was the Annex and not the original store. It was still really cool and I got a lot of Christmas stocking shopping done. We did go to the original Mast General Store. Allen & OP wanted some 5¢ coffee.

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