20180603 cycling


A decent week of riding. It was rather windy which is annoying but it makes me stronger, right?


73° humidity 99% wind 13-25 SE
Remnants of Alberto still affecting the weather. Too windy to push, I tried to keep my HR under 140 and my cadence over 70.  
9.07 miles
12.0 mph


75° humidity 92% wind 8-10 S-SE
Still windy but the sun was peaking through at times. 
Didn't try to push it. 
Had to do an extra lap in Union Park because utility truck was blocking Oldwoods. Cumberland Lane bumpy from caked mud. 
Lawn mower driving on MUP along SR56. He was taking up most of the lane and not even driving straight. I was lucky to have some pavement to pass the asshole. 
Headwind along Mansfield was rough. 
14.35 miles
12.5 mph


Had to wait for a break in the rain to ride. 
76° humidity 94% wind 6-9 SE
Wet. Some rain when I got to Union Park. It stopped as I moved west again. 
Headwind along Mansfield dropped my average speed some. 
13.16 miles
13 mph


74° humidity 95% wind 3-4 SE
The sun came out! 
Girls cross country team running along SR56. 
9.04 miles
12.4 mph


76° humidity 89% wind 1-2 W
I didn't believe the wind report and went out my usual route. I realized it was correct and skipped going against it on SR56. 
Nice to see the sun out. 
14.24 miles
12.9 mph


73° humidity 96% wind 5 NW - 6 SW
I have been feeling a bit lightheaded last night and this morning so I thought to do an easy ride. I did a reverse loop. I didn't push. Headwind along Beardsley. 
9.04 miles
12.4 mph


81° humidity 83% wind 8-9 SW
Warm and windy. 
I went went to BBD and had the wind help me along SR56. I cut the ride short because I am going swimming with Andy. 
Headwind along Hueland Pond. 
8.60 miles
13.2 mph
This week 77.5 miles
This year 1500