december cycling recap

December biking is the saddest looking month since I began riding in April. I rode 151 miles.

Week 1
Work is taking a toll on my biking. I just don't have the motivation or time to ride more than one loop. I rode 61 miles. 

Week 2
The cold killed my riding this week. I don't have the gear to ride when the temperatures are below 50°. I did reach 2000 miles for the year but only rode 20 miles this week. 

Week 3
The cold eased off and I managed 4 short rides before work. Work leaves me achy and tired. Cycling relieves many of the aches. I rode 40 miles.

Week 4
My work hours changed and I couldn't ride before work. I should have ridden on Christmas but I got lazy. I only managed 2 days of riding, 20 miles.

Week 5
Another short week of riding because of work. Though I did get out and ride on New Year's Day, it doesn't count for my December goals.

Work is really active. I work on my feet and walk a lot. I expected to lose weight with this new activity. I didn't. I tried to eat well at work. I did until the support breakfast. I made the mistake of eating a chocolate chip muffin and couldn't stop the carbs. I only lost 3.8 pounds. I lost 60 pounds this year. 

Year to date: 2080 miles