I may rename this blog my misadventures in baking in light of all the failures I have had lately. I can blame it on my lack on patience and too much confidence. I am not double checking baking powder or baking soda like I have in the past. Or I am grabbing a recipe and not reading all the way through or checking the comments before I start.

Since I can eat cereal once again, I find myself walking down the cereal aisle just gazing at the boxes wondering what I might get next. I saw a healthier version of Golden Grahams and it got me to thinking about Golden Grahams and how much I loved them. I picked up a box of Golden Grahams and thought about the s'mores recipes I made years, and years, ago. There was no recipe on the box so I pulled out my iPhone and googled for the recipe. Once I knew I could find it, I put the box in my cart and continued on my way.

After Andy got home, I decided to make a batch of Golden Grahams s'mores. I googled and found lots of recipes. I dismissed those that required cooking on the stove. Like my Rice Cripsies Treats, I prefer the ease of the microwave.

I found this one at RecipeZarr.com It looked easy enough. But it didn't seem right. It didn't seem like enough cereal or marshmallows or chocolate. At least not for a 13x9 pan. And it wasn't. I should have read the comment at the end of the recipe. I would have looked further.

Luckily I bought the 16 ounce box so I had enough for a real batch. And I even had enough marshmallows to try again. I looked at more recipes but most called for cooking on the stove. I went back to the review and decided to try that recipe. Right away, it felt better. Though I was not 100% confident in the results. The chocolate melted too much as did the extra marshmallows. But the bit of leftover I got from the spoon tasted pretty good.

One note, I took a few bites of the Golden Grahams when I opened the box. I found that they had an odd taste to them and I no longer love them. Though, the odd taste did not occur in the treats. And speaking of the treats, once they cooled I had to try them. I actually prefer the first version. They aren't really a bar but they are so good and chocolaty. If I make them again, OK, when I make them again, I'll be sure to double or triple the recipe.