[weigh-in wednesday] 4/29 budgets

This week I have lost 3.6 pounds. Accumulated total is 39.8 pounds. Except for my knee pain, I am feeling good.

Counting calories is a lot like keeping a budget for you money. Now I see why I am so fat. And broke.

That wasn't always the case. I knew how to save money when I had an allowance. At the beginning of each school year, mom would take us clothes shopping. She told us we had $100 to spend on new clothes. (Shoes were part of the deal unless we wanted something special.) I shopped and shopped and found good deals. Sometimes it took me several shopping trips to spend all the money. My sister, on the other hand, used her money for big rhings like cowboys boots and a cowboy hat. She would have to use her babysitting money or wait for Christmas for anything practical.

So what happened? I dunno. College, with the freedom to have more than one soda per day if I wanted? Credit cards issued to young adults who are sure they will get great jobs that pay lots of money? I think credit cards have been my downfall. Thinking I could spend today and pay it back later. Thinking I could eat know and work it off later. It's just too much of a temptation for me and I am paying for it now.

But it's time to take responsibility and clear the debt and clear the fat. So far the iPhone app Lose It! is really helping. Of course I wish I could lose the weight faster but it is keeping me making better choices. Last Friday, the bus driver aide gave the boys little bags of Chips Ahoy! They don't like them and I don't really like them either. In the past, I would still eat them. Heck, they are chocolate chip cookies! But I looked at the back and saw each little bag was 140 calories. One bag of popcorn is 150 and is so much better. I tossed the cookies.