psycho killer jungle cats

Why does this title stick in my head today? It might be that Ryan has turned crazy ugly weird. It could be that he first grabbed (then asked) to use my new Brother P-touch Labeller and proceeded to copy a chapter of the bible onto strips of (rather expensive) stickers to put onto a sheet of white paper. It could be that when I saw what he did and said (quite loudly) OH My God! and Andy covered his ears so I calmed down and did NOT give Ryan the tongue lashing I felt he deserved. I tried to reason with him that it was too (friggin) expensive to print out a chapter that way. We could use the computer and make sticker strips. I even offered him the other tape which is black on clear. But he wanted the black on white which makes no sense (to me) since he is just putting it on white paper.

It could be that he loves to looks at guide books but doesn't want to travel anywhere. He also doesn't want anyone else to look at the books.

But I think it has more to do with the fact that Ryan is crazy. At least today he is. He doesn't want Andy to follow him. But he doesn't want Andy to be first either.

And I didn't mention that next Wednesday is the last day of school. Then we have 3 full months before they go back. What in sam hill am I supposed to do with them when they get bored during a 3 day weekend?