CY365 Blog Hop [july edition]

Life As I See It [Health, Fitness and Happiness]Summer break is in full swing in Florida. Most days we stay home to hide from the heat and humidity. I have been focusing on my Lego minifigures for my photo of the day. I tried to make stories but found myself getting tired of the lack of plot. I am not a writer. I only tell stories with an image. I started using Katrina's prompts for inspiration. The prompts help, but sometimes, like the day she said miracle, had me stumped. It has been a fun challenge. I also switched the way I am presented these. I have a month template then pick out four of my favorite photos for the opposing page.

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1. Jill
2. Laura
3. Christi
4. Sharon You are here!
5. Tammy
6. Kathleen
7. Anne
8. Katrina