CY365 Blog Hop

CaptureYour365As if I don't have enough reasons to take a daily photo, I started participating in Capture Your 365, CY365. This site is packed full of inspiration and information on how to take a photo a day. It doesn't matter your reason for doing it, every one is here to share and encourage each other to get out and just do it. And not only take the photo, but share it as well. This group is incredibly friendly and helpful and can answer just about any question you have, about photography.

Capture Your 365 Blog Hop List

1. Jill
2. Gayle
3. Tracy
4. Anne
5. Sarah
6. Sharon You are here!
7. Michelle
8. Katrina
9. Kathleen
10. Erika
11. Gabi
12. Christi
13. Joey