tarnished wings

Another pair of earrings I got in Poland. I lost them for a number of years. I had been wearing them when I broke my ankle during the last week of college. I took them off for the surgery and put them in the drawer in my room. They disappeared. I had thought maybe my friend, Greg, had taken them. He said he liked them and he wasn't one for many compliments. I also knew that he tended to take something if he liked it and couldn't buy his own.

Years later I was at the cottage. My mom had been dead for a number of years and my dad wanted to clear some out some stuff. I was going through stuff on her dresser when I found them. They were pretty tarnished but I was glad to have them back. I still wonder why she didn't tell me that she had them.

0 EV
ISO 100
50 mm
OLYMPUS 50mm Lens