tampa convention center

Today at PhotographyBB, they suggested a long exposure shot. This reminded me that I had never processed my shots from the December Photowalk. Oops! Yeah, I know my shots won't qualify for the PhotographyBB but I still want them processed.

I opened up Lightroom and found the correct folder. I never even finished weeding them out! I completed that task and marked the images I wanted to develop. Instead of going to the long exposure shots, I went to the beginning and started working on the image below. It's not a great image. Not as sharp and I would like and there is a lot of noise. But I like the composition and lighting. I thought it would be a good candidate to play around with HDR, Topaz Adjust and Photomatix. I didn't shoot for HDR so I had only one shot. But I learned that you can make virtual copies, adjust for the different exposures, save them (I used Photoshop) and bring them into Photomatix.

First up is the shot as I processed the RAW image. Again, it's not great but since you can't blow it up too big, you probably can't tell.

Aperture priority
ISO 100
14 mm
14.0-54.0 mm f/2.8-3.5

The next image has been processed using Topaz Adjust 3, Mild Color Pop. I really like the enriched colors.

This one was done with Topaz Adjust 3, Photo Pop. I prefer the warmer tones in the image above.

Then I went on to try Photomatix. Frankly, this program intimidates me. There are too many sliders and I can't really tell what most of them do. I don't have the patience to play and figure out what I like. And the tutorials are fairly vague.

I am not sure what I did to not get the Photomatix Watermark on the image below. And I don't even know what I changed to get where I did. I guess I am not sold on Photomatix just yet.