[landscapes] county line cloudscape

I do this almost every week. Sunday morning rolls along and I realize it's a new week and I don't know what the theme is this week. And it's poor planning on my part since I can't just pop out anywhere to take some shots. I have to plan these things and get the boys (ie Ryan) on board so they will not complain. I saw the theme and cringed. Landscapes?! I don't have any of those, at least not recently. Did I take any during the photo walk? No, not really. Well, I can look further back in my library. I click on July, just to see, and see the clouds. I love clouds. Hmm... cloudscapes? Why not. I checked and there is no theme for clouds. So...


1/2500 @ f 3.2 ~ ISO 400 ~ 14 mm

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