[water] pool progression


This is SOOC. A little punch and it would be fine. But I can't seem to stay away from Pioneer Woman's Seventies Action. And I love it combine with David Ward's Holga Black Border. I don't want to lose the sky, so I bring back the Seventies action to 50%.


Then I think the clouds and sky may be a little washed out and I go back and do a neutral density filter on the sky. Then go back the Seventies & Holga Black Border. I decide to leave the Seventies Action at 100%.


But then comparing the two, the sky is just a bit too green. So I go back and reduce the Seventies Action to 50%.


By the way, all of this took me about 10-15 minutes. I love actions!

1/1000 @ f 4.0 ~ ISO 100 ~ 14 mm