[flowers] brightens any day


1/2 @ f 8.0 ~ ISO 100 ~ 50 mm

Oh good grief! I have taken photos for POTD in almost 2 weeks! I took all of the architectural details in one day and then processed images each day that I posted. And last week I had to comb the archives for girly pics.

I was enjoying my Sunday when it occurred to me that I had nothing! Oops. We were out on Friday and I asked the boys if they were buy me some flowers if I gave them the money. SIlence. OK, the "fresh" flowers I got almost 2 weeks ago at Target are dull and I have shot most of the silk flowers. Oh wait, I have that yellow tulip plant in the bathroom. The one that I forget about since it is up high on shelf and I don't think it has ever been dusted.

Canned air is great for fake flowers with heavy layers of dust. Just be sure to go outside first or you will be coughing and sneezing for hours.