With the software we have today, we can make a 100 year old photograph look brand new and make a newly shoot photograph look 100 years old. Not every photo works to be converted but some just scream make me look old!

With this first photo, I was very happy with the shot. Then I played with some photoshop actions and loved what I got.

Here is another fence. They make great shots with their leading lines. It was February and everything was a bid drab, not enough green even in Florida. I played around and got this.

In this shot, I didn't have the right lens and could not zoom in close enough to get a good shot of the boys running. And when I cropped in, I found the photo noisy and a bit blurry. Making is nostalgic saved the photo and makes me think of boys throughout the ages.

At the Lowry Park Zoo, they have created vignettes to make you feel like you are at the actual location rather than a zoo. We were waiting in line for a pony ride when I looked up and saw this. I knew it would be a good shot.

All of these were processed with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Old Toy Camera Action.

Inspired by Shutter Sisters Feeling Nostalgic