towel & chair


sooc ~ 1/320 @ f3.5 ~ ISO 100 ~ 54 mm

Does this look familiar. I actually took it last May and posted it for POTD. Well, Mpix is having a sale on 8x10s this weekend so I thought it might be a good time to start an etsy shop. I looked through all my POTD and marked the opens I thought would work and could be cropped to 8x10. I was happy with most but the editing on this one looked too washed out.


No, I don't remember what I did to it. I can guess that I converted to B&W, then reduced the opacity to bring back some of the color. I took this edited version, and boosted it a bit.


I love that Lightroom saves my images in a way that I can go back to the original if I want. And I love that I learn more and my style continues to grow and change, hopefully for the better.