Like my youngest son, I have a thing for time. In my family, we got our first watch for our First Communion. I so proud to have that timex strapped to my wrist. I loved knowing what time it was just by looking at my wrist. When I got pregnant, I got carpal tunnel syndrome. It was supposed to go away after I had the baby but didn't, really. When I got pregnant with my second son, I couldn't stand to wear a watch. I still can't. But I hate not being able to glance and see the time. So I got plenty of inexpensive clocks and positioned them around the house so I could just glance up and see the time. Their are 2 problems with this; daylights saving time and batteries. I have one atomix clock so it changes by itself. The rest are changed as I go tired of trying to remember if they have been changed or if I have to add or subtract and hour. Batteries are another problem especially in the clocks that are not easy to get down and change. Sometimes it takes me days or weeks to do it. Today, I am determined to change the batteries in this clock.


1/30 @ f3.5

ISO 100 ~ 54mm