almost clean

Ryan wears sandals 365 days a year. On cold days (below 60) he wears socks with his sandals. It doesn't get below 60 very often. His feet are dirty. They got so bad one day that he had to leave the classroom to go wash them. Apparently, he likes to play in the dirt. He used to stay in the tub long enough each night to get the somewhat clean. Now his baths are quick. Too quick. And don't even think about try to scrub those piggies, he is just as ticklish as his mother.

Now that summer is here and he doesn't have the dirty school playground to play on and we go swimming twice a week, he might just get them sparkling clean again. I hope so, his are still small enough and cute enough to want to nibble.


1/250 @ f8.0

ISO 100 ~ 88mm

LR: cropped; adjusted white balance; preset: punch

CS3: USM/defog