longing to be free

It was such a gray and gloomy day here. Nothing to take photos of and no motivation either. So I looked back to find something with a window (I've been pretty slack with the theme but I thought I would try for the last day.) and found this one. A friend who helps out sometimes came over and left the front door open. He was here for 2 weeks not knowing how to get out and I don't touch the guys. We finally chased him through the house and out. He was pretty stunned when he was out and just stood still for about 15 minutes.

They are pretty innocuous when they get in the house. They stay out of site as much as possible and don't poop like geckos. I usually find them dead months later.


1/800 @ f2.0

ISO ~ 50mm

LR: cropped; preset/Matt's surreal