These are Spinneybeck Leather Baseballs. I collected them back in the early 1990s when I was living in Chicago. I worked at an architectural firm that specialized in interiors. Once a year, there was a big show called NEOCON. It was held at the Merchandise Mart. The manufacturers would open their showrooms and show off their goods and give away lots of promotional items. The Spinneybeck Baseballs were very popular. You had to walk through through the whole space and listen to the spiel, then you were allowed to grab ONE baseball. We were lucky enough to work across the river from the Mart so we would go over on our lunch periods to get another baseball. I think I have nine of them and I only worked there for 2 shows.

Then they branched out and started making the baseballs for major league teams and even Disney has their own version. (I have Mickey and Goofy so far.) They have moved with me several times. Mostly they collect dust but they are fun to look at with their bright colors. I see that some are selling eBay for as much as $90! (Of course that is for one that is pink.)

I do let me kids play with them. But not outside and never with a real bat.

1/2 sec @ f8.0

ISO 100 ~ 50mm

LR: cropped; preset/zeroed

CS3: USM/defog