have a ball


Years ago when when the boys were first diagnosed with autism, they went to speech therapy. One of the things they did was play with a therapy ball. I don't remember exactly what they did, but my boys loved them. I purchased a bunch of them in a range of sizes. We had them all blown up and there were all over the house. Eventually, Andy would take out the plugs and let the air out. I got tired of filling them back up and let them dwindle down to three, to two, to one. They didn't seem to miss them.

Present day, the boys like to use my laptop which sits on the coffee table. Yes, they have their own with internet access but isn't a laptop just cooler? They sit in a wood chair. But they can't sit still. I remembered that the therapy balls are good for that. They can move their lower body and keep wiggling while their mind is free to concentrate on what's happening above the table. I blew up one ball then the other boy wanted one of his own. Sigh. Luckily, I found 2 plugs so they each got their own. You see here that Andy chose the big blue one which is too large for the coffee table but is the right size for his desk. Ryan chose a yellow peanut shape which is the right size and the peanut shape can be straddled for more stability. Andy is still removing the plugs and letting air out then putting the plug back. At least he is not chewing them anymore.

shutter speed 1/10 @f 5.1

ISO 800 ~ 31 mm

cropped to remove the mess that is his room