wet weather (26 things)


It rained on Saturday. Not a lot but it didn't stop. It's kind of unusual for this time of year. It's usually dry. So we welcome the rain. Well, most of us. We that hate to see our expensive sod turn brown love the rain. The boys are not too happy with the rain. They are used to the summer showers that last 5-15 minutes and are done. They aren't used to this continuous rain.

The real problem is that the boys go bike riding every day at 4:00. Every day at 4:00. The rain didn't stop at 4:00. Now the boys may forgo their ride one day when the weather is bad. But they didn't ride yesterday as they were being punished for bad choices. So nothing was going to make them stay inside. Thank goodness for rain slickers and umbrellas.

shutter speed 1/80 @ f3.5

+.3 ev

ISO 100 ~ 37 mm

pp: hard light, 40% opacity; gradient B&W, 70% opacity