when penguins attack


It's not like the attack wasn't provoked. The kid just couldn't stop pressing Manny's belly and making him squeak. Good god! Penguins don't squeak! Every since Toy Store 2 and Wheezy, every kid thinks Penguins should squeak and they stuffed a squeaker in Manny before he knew what was happening. He didn't even know what a squeaker was until that day when the kid stepped into the toy store and grabbed him. The chubby, sticky hands knew right where to squeeze thanks to the big red "squeeze me!" sticker on his belly. Squeak! What the hell! Where did that noise come from? Squeak! There it was again. Oh no! It was coming from Manny's own belly. How humiliating. Manny would never be able to show his beak again. The other penguins would laugh and point their flippers at Manny shunning him. What choice did he have? He had to go home with the kid.

Life wasn't so bad. The kid had way too many toys and mostly ignored Manny. Manny would be enjoying his quiet time under the bed, quietly reciting John Donne when those little hands would snatch him and start the squeezing. Squeak! And not just once or twice, they would squeeze him two dozen or more times before the mom would yell at them to keep it down. Manny was quickly tossed aside until another day.

Today was too much. Manny was jolted from his quiet contemplation and whisked outside with the others. Hurtling at lightning speeds down the block. Oh that sun was too much, it was too hot! Manny needed to cool down. But the kid started squeezing his belly and he just... snapped. Squeak!

(not my kid, just a ham for the camera from down the block)

shutter speed 1/4000 @ f 3.2

ISO 400 ~ +.3 EV ~ 19 mm

CS3 cropped and color boost