Animals! This week's theme is animals! We don't have any animals. We had a dog but he died almost 2 years ago. The boys do NOT want another pet. Every now and then, I wonder where he is when I come home. He used to come to the door and wiggle his little cropped tail so hard that his butt wiggled. My DH used to call him "wiggle butt." He was a good dog. He loved to go to the cottage as that is where he was born. (This photo was taken at the cottage in 2002.) He was the youngest of 3 but ended up being the biggest. He was a large Brittany.

After Gail died (my DH), he started barking a lot. And he got frightened of fireworks and thunderstorms. He used to shake and pant and run around the house looking for a safe place. He used to stay close to the cottage until he got older. Both Gail and Duffy died of the same cancer. Common in dogs and rare in humans. Weird.

shutter speed 1/160 @ f 2.8

ISO 80 ~ 5.44 mm

cropped & color adjusted