silk spring

Sure, all of you are jealous of our warm winter temps down here in Florida. One problem with them, we can't grow northern favorites like lilac and forsythia. Forsythia is special favorite of mine since we had a large shrub in our backyard. It was cause for many arguments between my mom and dad about when to prune. Prune too soon or too late, and you won't get as blooms the following year. We didn't have any lilacs but there was plenty in the areas. I remember riding my bike along streets slick with sweet smelling lilac blossoms. I purchased these branches from and have them in a red metal florists bucket. I tend to move them around the house as I feel the need to see them or get tired of them.

I used my macro setting on my camera with my shorter lens so I couldn't get a great depth of field. I applied a watercolor tint action in pp.

shutter 1/50~f 5.4~37mm