zephyr park


I took a play day. OK, not really but I had to get some service done on my car. Since I was up in Dade City, I thought about taking some photos. I remembered my camera but then didn't feel like taking any photos. After lunch, I went looking for a park. My GPS system took me to a county park that was less than interesting, empty playing fields. Then to a park that is closed. So I went to the city park which I have seen many times from my car. I was quite surprised by the amount of activity going on. What I saw from my car was just a small part and rather boring. There is a walk around the lake, a playground with a merry go round (didn't they get rid of those years ago?), lots of daring squirrels and water fowl.

I got some good pics of the squirrel but he was only interacting with a nut he found. Later on, a guy walked by and tempted the squirrel. I got some pics but they aren't very good. I was hoping for some pics of birds in flight but now realize they would have been crap because I didn't use my tripod.

There was a band practicing in the park. Some sort of celtic group with bagpipes and drums. I did take some photos but they aren't very interesting. So to sum it up, the interactive photos are boring but the interesting photos are not interactive. Oh well. I like the leading lines of the horizontal branch in the pic above. That's a Live Oak and they do sometimes grow along the ground.

shutter speed 1/125 @ f8.0
40 mm ~ ISO 100
+ .3 exposure
PP B&W conversion reduced opacity to 60%