what nerds do for play


Just don't tell them it is homework. I got these manipulatives to help Andy with his homework. I didn't even know what manipulatives were let alone being to pronounce the word because it's not really a word but some "new math" term. Anyway, Ryan thought these were cool and then proceeded to guide Andy through an hour or so of problems. (Yes, Ryan is the younger one.) The problem is that the little "ones" are small and pop easily in the mouth. Soon I found these critters all over the house and only a few left in the box. And of course you cannot buy just the "ones" but have the buy the whole set again. We stopped using it. Which then just outs me in that this photo is not from today. But I am still working on reorganizing my photos in Lightroom. I thought I had over 22,000 but have whittled it down to under 8,000 once I got rid of all the duplicates, triplicates and quadlicates (OK, I know it's not a word.) that iPhoto made. I still a few hundred to figure out dates for and made a couple hundred to find originals. What a mess!