contemplating dust, part 2

To explain what went on. Andy was sitting by the window letting me take his photo. The curtain was open the sun was pouring through. He said as he pointed, "What's that?" The curtains? The dresser? The TV? Then I realized that he could see the dust in the sunlight. He has probably never see that before since the other windows have overhangs so the direct sun is rare. I explained it was dust. He tried moving it with his hand and even blowing it away. Of course this made it even more dusty.

Andy has nystagmus which makes his eyes wander back and forth. So he closes one eye to help him focus. He looks like Popeye when he is concentrating. It is interesting what kids like him see and discover. He never knew about dust but he can tell you that Mario Kart Peach Gardens theme music is in the key of G.