bamboo (horizontal/vertical)

It doesn't get much for vertical than bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is actually a grass? And the largest variety can grow over a meter a day? This isn't the largest variety but it does grow quickly. Bamboo is becoming very important in the building industry. Bamboo floors are really cool. 

I felt a little uninspired with this pic. I thought it would look cool as a black & white. But that didn't leave me with a wow. I couldn't really think of what to do with it. None of the filters or actions I have did much to alter the look. Maybe I should have stuck with the fences?

Olympus Evolt-410~Olympus Lens 40-150mm 3.5-5.6~shutter speed 1/60~f/4~exposure bias 0.0~48 mm~iso 100~manual