camellia (photoshop)

I may be wrong but I think this is a camellia plant. This is similar to the one that we get tea leaves from. I have never seen one so big, it was 10-12 feet tall. They look a bit like roses but have no fragrance, or at least not much of one. I used to have one but it lost in the war of the weeds. I had to go up to St Leo and the Holy Name Monastery to find this one. I felt a bit uncomfortable walking around with my camera so I left the tripod in the car. I just couldn't get a very sharp pics of these.

Here is the first original.

Olympus Evolt-410~Olympus Lens 40-150mm 3.5-5.6~shutter speed 1/100~f/4.0~exposure bias 0.0~84 mm~iso 100~manual


Next are some edits in photoshop.




Here is another shot. First the original, then the edits.

Olympus Evolt-410~Olympus Lens 40-150mm 3.5-5.6~shutter speed 1/200~f/4.1~exposure bias 0.0~96 mm~iso 100~manual