How do you remember birthdays? Do you use a birthday calendar? A regular calendar? I have a really good memory for birthdays. But not such a good memory to remember to send a card. I have an iPhone app. My current favorite is Occasions. For 99¢ is does a great job. You can have it notify you in advance from 1 day to 30 days. And you can turn off individual notifications for certain people. People you want to remember if you see them but not that you need to send a card. Occasions lets you add event like a child's birthday or anniversary. Something that Apple's iCal doesn't do too easily. Though one problem is that iCal and BusyCal do not read those added dates. So while I was skimming BusyCal for upcoming birthdays in March, I missed Elyssa's birthday because hers is added to her mother's contact info. I needed to add Elyssa as a contact so it will show in iCal and BusyCal. Occasions is native to the iPad yet. For Elyssa's card, I used Cait from ErinInk.