47/50 a day in the life

I have never participated in A Day in the Life. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was doing Project Life as a daily recap. And at the time Ali started it, I wasn’t doing much to document. I am not doing much these days either but I also have too much time on my hands and thought it might be fun.

Ali was selling a kit with an album to document. I knew I didn’t want to do a whole album even if it was small. I also don’t have the money to spend on things like that. I decided I would just do a layout and hope to take a photo every hour or so.

I saw on Instagram, that many people were posting their snapshots there and I thought about but decided that most of my followers would not care to see all the boring details.

This morning, I imported all my photos to my iMac (I still do it old school and plug in my iPhone .) The layout was a little harder to decide how to do it. I had a lot more photos that I decided not to use. I see why I have not done this in the past. Others show pics of their families doing things and we don’t do much as a family. Andy stays away from Ryan because he is wary of Ryan getting upset and wants to avoid any drama.

I am not sure about doing Week in the Life, That sounds like a like of work and I am doing Project Life and that feels like the same thing.